To be honest, this was almost a forgotten story for us. We knew it happened, we had it in mind, but Boss wasn’t sure he wanted us to talk about it.  

In as much as in my previous post, I stated we “might” talk about it on a later post, I knew I was going to write about it anyways. I had already written this story and my fingers were itching, I was just waiting for Boss to give me the approval to publish. See, it’s actually a funny story and that’s why I really wanted to be the one to write about it.  

Okay, so this is really what happened. A Lagos company called The Eat Drink Media Company have this thing going on, they have a blog/website which I’d like to think is successful and have pretty much loyal readers and an engaging audience, as a matter of fact, Boss is one of their most engaged audience till date. Their success is massive to the extent that they’ve had appearances in big media publications and even partnered with giant organisations to host giant food festivals. If you guys haven’t heard of The Eat Drink Festival then you all are sleeping in this Lagos. Lol.  

So, yea, it is really nice to have an indigenous young brand doing such big things, I mean, it’s something we all have to be proud of.  

So here’s the thing, here’s what happened, here’s where the awkward story all started….. 

Have you ever been using a service because you trusted the service they offer? Their information was so good, their delivery was on point, but you just wanted a little extra, unfortunately, the little extra that you earnestly needed just wasn’t offered by this service that you trust so much. So you’re left with the option to either write to them requesting an extra feature, or, you start your own service right away with a different twist of this new feature because you had the resources to do so. 

So, you tell me, honestly, which would you do? 

Of course, Boss picked the latter, I mean, they mustn’t do everything, they probably already had their hands full. The intention here wasn’t actually to “plagiarise”, Boss claims he wanted to offer a whole different service in a whole different way. His intentions were clear, he wanted to offer a service based on what was missing on the EatDrinkLagos blog, and repackaging it as a standalone service, which was of course, giving people the ability to find restaurants based on location, proximity, ambience, opening hours, restaurant features etc, and not mostly about the food. But here was the mistake he made, he started off on the wrong foot by picking the wrong domain name for this new idea.

As a matter of fact, when Boss usually gives his story, he explains that the domain name he bought wasn’t in any way befitting to what his idea was all about, I mean, he first thought it was befitting, but he was still in the process of reconsidering just before something alarming happened!  

See below;

Yes, they served us! Lol  

Now, what is actually funny was the fact that Boss and the people behind the EatDrinkLagos blog actually hang out often. They hang out for activities such as their Monthly Brunch, they exchange handshakes and a couple of laughs during their Eat Drink Festivals, they’ve even seen a movie or two together, but I’m only allowed to write this part because Boss is sure that they still wouldn’t recognise him, even if they see him tomorrow. Lol 

Oh my God! Am I already in my 611th word here? I was asked to use nothing more than 600 words for this story, Boss really wanted it short, but screw it, I must finish my story…. 

Okay, so this is what Boss did after getting this letter delivered to the office, he read it and consulted with his Chairman and a family legal practitioner and was advised to still run the business using this domain name, after all, Corporate Affairs Commission accepted the business name to be registered as “EATDRINK.NG ONLINE” in the first place, so there wasn’t an argument here.  

But finally, he’s happy about the decision he made towards changing the entire business name and domain, you don’t want to start a new company with law suits, besides, it just feels like “dme.ng – Dining Made Easy” helps accurately pass across the information on what we are actually about.  

We just want Dining Made Easy for everyone, and I do hope we are able to further pace in peace, without more litigation issues.  


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  • Olubukola KOLADE

    Wow! I even love and prefer the name change…Dining Made Easy…the name stands out and speaks for itself!

    August 10, 2018 at 11:11 AM Reply
  • Itoro Ufori

    DME.. is way better… Go get’em

    August 11, 2018 at 9:51 AM Reply
  • plum

    Lol, I like this. Nigerians are always scared of competition. Instead of them to look for what will make them standout. Dining made easy sounds way better.

    August 12, 2018 at 7:03 AM Reply

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