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Ideal for:

  • First Date
  • Casual Dining
  • Anniversary Dinner
  • Special Occasions
  • Business Meetings



  • Premises
  • Car Park



1.Chicken cream soup

2.Cream soup

3.Chicken sweet cream soup

4.Vegetable soup

5.French onion soup

6.Mushroom soup

7.Seafood tomato soup

8.Fish pepper soup

9.Goat pepper soup

10.Chicken pepper soup



1.Shrimps cocktail

2.Russian salad

3.Avocado shrimps cocktail

4.Prawns cocktail

5.Mixed vegetable salad

6.Coleslaw salad

7.Pasta salad

8.Chef pasta salad

9.Fresh garden egg salad



1.Fish finger

2.Fish & chips

3.Vegetable spring rolls

4.Chicken spring rolls

5.Beef spring rolls


7.Chicken wings

8.Chicken nuggets

9.Beef burger

10.Chicken burger

11.Vegetable burger

12.Chicken & chips

13.Club sandwich

14.Vegetable sandwich



1.Peppered snail

2.Pepper chicken

3.Peppered beef

4.Peppered gizzard




1.Mixed grill

(Combination of grilled chicken, fish, prawns, steak, sausage & egg with winter sauce)

2.Seafood surprise

(seafood seasoned coated sautéed in a rich cream tomato & green pepper)

3.Chef salad

(prawns & fish in a tomato sauce delight of green pepper, onion, tomato & mushrooms)



1.Rib eye steak

(Grilled seasoned steak, served with brown sauce with crushed black pepper & mushroom)

2.Swiss steak

(Grilled steak served in tomato sauce topped with mushroom)

3.Beef tassazo

(sauce cube beef in carrot, mushroom, marrow, green peas, red wine & gravy sauce)

4.Beef rockfoot

(Steak wrapped in bacon & mushroom, served in red wine sauce garnished with cheese)

5.Seared steak

(pan seared steak with olive oil, butter, garlic, black pepper, thyme)

6.Escalope cordon blue

(Tender steak stuffed with ham & cheese)

7.Escalope Viennese

(Fried breaded tender)

8.Peppered steak

(Tenderized steak seasoned, grilled in cream sauce & red wine)

9.Shredded beef

(Seasoned steak shredded & stir fried with vegetable in rich sauce)



1.Fantail prawns

(Prawn coated in egg flour & breadcrumbs)

2.Grilled prawns

(King prawns well grilled in brandy garlic sauce garnished with parsley)

3.Crevette thermidor

(Grilled prawns in creamy white sauce topped with melted cheese)

4.Prawns curry

(Grilled prawns in curry sauce of potato & egg served with onion, pineapple, coconut)

5.Chilli prawns

(sautéed prawns, richly seasoned in pepper sauce)

6.Creamy prawn

(Creamy prawn, well-seasoned in a rich creamy white sauce topped with cheese)



1.Tilapia, sweet & spicy

(Grilled & seasoned served with a mix of pineapple, tomato, onion, red pepper, lime wedges)

2.Assorted seafood

(Served with toasted garlic bread)

3.Grilled fish

(well-seasoned, in prawns’ tomato sauce topped with parsley)

4.Seared salmon

(with sautéed spinach & mushroom)

5.Fish pane

(Fillet of fish seasoned & coated with egg, flour & breadcrumbs deep fried served with tartar sauce)

6.Fish steak

(Catch of the day seared with lemon butter sauce)

7.Filllet of sole

(steamed sole in mushroom shrimps & cream sauce)

8.The mobster

(Crab, prawns, salmon, served with avocado, cucumber, asparagus)



1.Chicken stroganoff

(Shredded chicken, well-seasoned & stir fried with seasoned vegetables & white wine)

2.Chicken kebab

(Skewered cube chicken with vegetable & olive oil)

3.Chicken Mexican

(sautéed chicken in tomato sauce topped with sautéed bacon & green pepper)

4.Chicken saute

(Boneless chicken in carrot & mushroom sauce)

5.Crispy chicken in ginger

(Chicken in butter stir fried with garlic, ginger, vegetable, tomato sauce, soy sauce & ketchup)

6.Chicken curry

(Marinated cubed chicken served in rich creamy curry sauce)

7.Chicken oriental

(Cubed chicken pin tomato mushroom sauce with prawns & vegetables garnished with parsley or dill)

8.Cubed chicken

(Delicious hot sauce)



1.Rice, green & egg

2.Veggie burger, sweet potato fries & vegetable

3.Vegetable soup

4.Spaghetti & mushroom/tomato sauce

5.Stir fry pasta with mixed vegetable

6.Rice & beans with vegetable stew

7.Steamed mixed vegetable with potato/yam

8.Boiled potato/yam with garden egg sauce



(Served with a choice of chicken, beef & fish)

1.Jollof rice

2.Fried rice

3.White rice

4.Primal special rice

5.Chef rice

6.White rice with chicken curry

7.Any of the rice meals with snail



(Served with any of this soup, egusi, okro, ogbono, afang, edikaikong, efo riro, bitter leaf with a choice of beef, chicken, fish or snail)

1.Pounded yam

2.Semovita/ wheat



5.Yam pottage/porridge

6.Boiled plantain with steamed vegetable

7.Boiled yam/ cocoyam with vegetable

8.Fried yam & akara (bean cake) & pepper sauce

9.Fried plantain with whole tilapia fish

10.Beans boiled/ porridge



1.Vegetable pasta

(Spaghetti, stir fried with vegetables, garlic, olive oil, chilli & white wine)

2.Spaghetti Bolognese

3.Prawns pasta

(Spaghetti, stir fried with prawn, garlic, olive oil, chilli & white wine)

4.Spaghetto Napolitano

5.Macaroni pasta

(White sauce with cheese)

6.Mixed seafood pasta

(White sauce & cheese)

7.Stir fried pasta

(Rich mixed veg & seafood)




1.Beef & broccoli (stir fry)

2.King pao chicken

3.King pao prawn

4.Sinagapore noodles

5.Sweet & sour chicken

6.Sweet & sour beef

7.Prawn fried rice

8.Vegetable chow mein (noodles)

9.Yangchow fried rice

(special fried rice)

10.Shrimp with lobster sauce



1.Chicken vindaloo

2.Chicken curry

3.Chicken tikka masala

4.Shrimp with lobster sauce

5.Shrimp curry

6.Indian meat curry

7.Lamb chilli masala

8.Vegetable curry

9.Bengali vegetable

10.Healthy Omelette


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