Inspiro Galeria

1, Joseph Naman Close, Victoria Island, Lagos
Monday : Closed Tuesday : 10am - 10pm Wednesday 10am - 10pm Thursday : 10am - 10pm Friday : 10am - 10pm Saturday : 10am - 10pm Sunday : 10am - 10pm

Ideal for:

  • Tea Party
  • Casual Dining
  • Work-Break Meals
  • Friends Hangout



  • Street


  1. Full English

(eggs, streaky bacon, sausage, baked beans, mushrooms, toast)

  1. Nigerian

(boiled or fried yam/plantain with egg stew or omelette corn-beef sauce served with yam or plantain)


  1. Gizdo
  2. Peppered Snail
  3. Peppered Meat/Goat Meat
  4. Deep Fried Calamari
  5. Peppered Gizzard
  6. Happy Samosa
  7. Yum-Yum Spring Rolls
  8. Barbecue Chicken Wings
  9. Spicy Chicken Wings


  1. Goat Meat Curry served with Steamed Rice
  2. Chicken Carbonara

(chicken breast, crispy bacon, cream cheese & parmesan cheese)

  1. Spaghetti Bolognese

(spaghetti tossed with our zesty meat sauce and finished with grated parmesan cheese)

  1. Chicken Stir Fry

(stir fry vegetables tossed with chicken and spaghetti)

  1. House Mix

(chicken and shrimp combo)

  1. Seaman’s Special

(prawns, calamari and sole braised in homemade tomato sauce with penne)

  1. Carbonara

(tossed with a creamy Bacon, cheese in our creamy inspire sauce)

  1. Aussie Cut Lamb Chops

(premium cut chops with potatoes, market vegetables and jus reduction)

  1. Rib Eye Steak

(a 350g cut of S.A prime beef that’s well marbled and deliciously juicy)

  1. T-Bone Steak

(350g S.A tender steak with seasonal veggies, French fries and gravy)

  1. Barbqued Pork Ribs
  2. Scottish Salmon

(pan seared salmon with braised basmati rice sautéed vegetables and white mushroom sauce)


  1. Inspiro Beef Burger

(beef, lettuce, onions, cheese and our tasty inspire sauce)

  1. Inspire Chicken Burger

(chicken, lettuce. Onions, cheese and our homemade inspire dip)


  1. Love Tuna Sandwich
  2. Joy Ham and Cheese Sandwich
  3. Mercy Club Sandwich
  4. Kindness Chicken Sandwich



  1. Oxtail Pepper Soup
  2. Hearty Sweet Corn Soup
  3. Fish Pepper Soup
  4. Goat Meat Pepper Soup
  5. Chicken Pepper Soup


  1. Inspiro Noodles with Boiled Eggs
  2. Inspiro Noodles with Chicken Sausage
  3. Inspiro Noodles Combo
  4. Shepherd’s Pie


  1. Chicken Caesar Salad

(chicken, lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese in a creamy dressing)

  1. Inspiro Salad

(chicken, apples, lettuce, cucumber, sweet corn and tomato)

  1. Prawn Salad (French Style)

(lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, sweet corn and grilled prawns)


  1. Grilled Fish
  2. Grilled Chicken
  3. Grilled Prawns
  4. Inspiro Soccer Platter

(grilled fish, peppered prawns, spring rolls, samosa and French Fries)



  1. Brownie Served with Ice Cream
  2. Vanilla Sponge Cake
  3. Cream Caramel
  4. Scoop of Ice Cream


  1. French Toast
  2. Pancake
  3. Inspire Special Fried Rice
  4. Mashed Potatoes
  5. Sautéed Potatoes
  6. Sweet Potatoes
  7. French Fries
  8. Fried Yam
  9. Fried Rice
  10. Jollof Rice
  11. Steamed Rice
  12. Plantain


  1. Moet & Chandon (Brut)
  2. Veuve Clicquot Rose
  3. Moet Rose


  1. Henessy XO
  2. Henessy VSOP
  3. Henessy VS
  4. Frapin VSOP
  5. Remy Martin
  6. Glenfiddich (18 Years)
  7. Glenfiddich (15 Years)
  8. Glenfiddich (12 Years)
  9. Glenmorangie (12 Years)
  10. Singleton
  11. Platinum Label
  12. Gold Label
  13. Black Label
  14. Jack Daniels
  15. Ciroc Vodka
  16. Grey Goose
  17. Bombay Gin
  18. Baileys
  19. Patron


  1. Henessy VSOP
  2. Henessy VS
  3. Glenfiddich
  4. Black Label
  5. Jack Daniel
  6. Gin
  7. Captain Morgan Rum
  8. Grey Goose
  9. Campari
  10. Patron
  11. Baileys
  12. Cointreau
  13. Olmeca Silver


  1. Heineken
  2. Harp
  3. Star
  4. Gulder
  5. Guiness
  6. Origin



  1. Domaine Le Clos De Cay Aux
  2. Marques De Riscal
  3. Léspirit De Bacchus
  4. Black Rhind

(Cabernet Sauvignon)

  1. Nederburg Winemasters Reserve
  2. Bloem

(Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot)

  1. Ramon Roqueta

(Cabernet Sauvignon)

  1. Valdiviesco Merlot


  1. Domaine Thibert Pouilly-Fuisse
  2. Bourgogne Aligote’
  3. Sancere Les Baronnes
  4. Ca’delle Rose Pinot Grigio
  5. Bloem (Viognier)
  6. Valdivieso Sauvignon Blanc
  7. House Wine By The Glass


  1. Long Island

(tequila, gin, vodka, rum, triple sec, lemon juice & cola)

  1. Dirty Martini

(vodka, vermouth & olives)

  1. Inspire Special

(coconut rum, vodka, pineapple juice, grenadine)

  1. Tequila Sunrise

(tequila, orange juice & grenadine syrup)


  1. Sex on the Beach

(vodka, cranberry juice, peach schnapps & orange juice)

  1. Mojito

(mint leaves, brown sugar, rum, lime juice & soda water)

  1. Cosmopolitan

(lime juice, vodka, cranberry & triple sec)

  1. Screaming Orgasm

(Vodka, bailey’s, coffee liquer)

  1. Tao Tini

(mandarin, raspberry, coconut rum, cranberry juice & lime juice)

  1. Moscow Mule

(ginger beer, vodka, lime juice)

  1. Whisky Sour

(whiskey, lemon juice)


  1. Chapman
  2. Fruit Punch
  3. Virgin Mojito
  4. Virgin Pinacolda
  5. Cranberry Juice
  6. Apple Juice
  7. Orange Juice
  8. Juices by the Pack
  9. Cranberry Juice by the Pack

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