Kaldi House

1, Adeyemi Bero Crescent, Ilupeju industrial Estate, Off Anthony/Oshodi Expressway
Mon: 9am – 6.00pm Tue: 9am – 6.00pm Wed: 9am – 6.00pm Thur: 9am – 6.00pm Fri: 9am – 6.00pm Sat: 9am – 6.00pm Sun: 9am – 6.00pm

Ideal for:

  • First Date
  • Tea Party
  • Casual Dining
  • Work-Break Meals
  • Small-Scale Birthday
  • Friends Hangout


  • Premises
  • Street


  1. Eggs

(any style with toast and butter)                 

  1. Full Kaldi house breakfast

(2 Eggs (in any style), special Kaldi sausages, beans (baked or coconut), grilled tomatoes with toasted bread and butter)          

  1. Signature pancakes with home-made syrup/chocolate sauce
  2. Kampala House Rolex

(Breakfast chapati wrap with home-made chapatti, sausage, egg and tomatoes)                  

  1. Egg and Yam
  2. Omelet with Dodo

The Bakery                         

  1. Home-made banana bread
  2. Croissants
  3. Chocolate Brownie with Ice cream
  4. Kaldi Surprise chocolate crepes with coffee / caramel syrup and ice cream



  1. Soup of the day
  2. Lentil/Carrot or Chicken/beef/fish pepper soup
  3. Chefs Salad
  4. Kachumbari (Salsa Salad) with Chicken and Feta

Main Meals

  1. Goat Biryani

(With Tamarind sauce and Kachumbari)               

  1. Samaki wa Kupaka with basmati rice

(Swahili coconut fish curry)                        

  1. Coconut Rice with Chicken
  2. Swahili Coconut Beans

(Served with Aromatic rice or Chapati, Kachumbari and avocado (seasonally)                      

  1. Hamburger and Masala Chips
  2. Mogadishu Meatball Pasta
  3. Seasonal Vegetable Platter

(Served with white rice or chapati)

Quick Bite

  1. Samosas


  1. Chapati Roll
  2. Sandwiches of the day
  3. T’ibs

(Goat meat fried with green pepper and rosemary)                         

  1. Kuku Wings

(Chicken with Kachumbari; Salsa Salad Masala Chips and Sausage)                         

  1. Mogadishu Meat Balls
  2. Fries

Ethiopian Meat Mains (Served With Either Teff/Rice Injera)

  1. Zigni

(Spicy sauce: lamb/beef, onions, Berbere, K’ibe)                

  1. Doro Wot

(Spicy sauce: lamb/beef, onions, Berbere, K’ibe, boiled eggs)                         

  1. T’ibs

(Stir-fry: lamb or beef, onions, garlic, jalapenos, Awaze)

  1. Awaze T’ibs

(Stir-fry: cubes, onions, jalepenos, Awaze)

  1. K’ik’il

(Mild sauce: lamb chunks with bones, jalapenos, turmeric, onions, garlic, herbs, spices)

  1. Kale Gommen Besiga

(Mild stew: kale, beef, onions, k’ibe)

  1. Bozena Shiro Wot

(Stew: roasted chickpea flour, beef, Berbere, k’ibe, spices)

  1. Beef FirFir

(Dry injera pieces in dried-meat and Berbere sauce)

  1. Addis Platter – Meat Based

(Meat-based combination platter good for 4 people: Kitfo, beef firfir, Alich’a, T’ibs, Kale Gommen Besiga, Ayib (Cottage cheese))

  1. Addis Platter – Mixed

(Combination platter of vege and meat stews good for 4 people: Kitfo, Awaze T’ibs, Doro Wot, K’ey Siga Wot, K’ey Misser Wot, Kale Gommen Besiga, T’ik’il Gommen, Ayib)

  1. Additional Injera

Ethiopian Vegan Mains (Served With Either Teff/Rice Injera)

  1. Engudai T’ibs

(Stir-fry: mushrooms, onions, jalapenos)

  1. K’ey Shiro Wot

(Stew: roasted chickpea flour, Berbere)

  1. Fir Fir

(Fresh Injera pieces in onion and Berbere sauce)

  1. K’ey Missir Wot

(Stew: red lentils, onions, Berbere, spices)


  1. T’ik’lk Gommen

(Mild stew: cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, spices)

  1. Ater Kik Stew

(Mild stew: yellow split peas, onions, garlic, jalapenos, spices)

  1. Gomen Ayib

(Mild stew: spinach, cottage cheese, onions, jalapenos, spices.)

  1. Wetinit’eji K’elemi (seasonal)

(Mild stew: eggplant, onions, jalapenos, spices)

  1. Addis Platter – Vegan

(Combination vege platter: k’ey shiro wot, k’ey missir wot, kale gommen, k’ey sir, T’ik’il gommen, engudai tibs, eggplant stew and gomen ayib)

  1. Additional Injera

Chilled & Refreshing                      

  1. Iced Tea
  2. Iced Coffee
  3. Iced Latte
  4. Arnold Palmer
  5. Lemonade
  6. Soft Drink
  7. Bottled water (small)
  8. Bottled water (Large)
  9. Tonic water

Fresh & Natural                                

  1. Fresh Orange Juice
  2. Fresh Pineapple Juice

House Wines                     

  1. Dry White Sauvignon – Bottle
  2. Dry White Sauvignon – Glass
  3. Dry Red Cabernet Sauvignon – Bottle
  4. Dry Red Cabernet Sauvignon – Glass
  5. Semi Sweet – Bottle
  6. Semi Sweet – Glass


  1. Vodka (Per shot)
  2. Tequilla (Per shot)
  3. Gin (Per shot)



  1. Heineken Draught
  2. Heineken Bottle
  3. Star Bottle


Coffee Menu

The Pure Option

  1. Ristretto

(crema, half single espresso)

  1. Espresso

(crema, single espresso)

  1. Doppio

(crema, double espresso)

  1. Romano

(lemon slice, crema, single espresso)

  1. Cafe Cubano

(crema, single espresso brewed with brown sugar)

  1. Americano

(water, crema, single espresso)

  1. Cafe Con Hielo

(crema, ice cubes, single espresso)                            

Something Milky                             

  1. Cortado

(milk foam, warm milk, crema, single espresso)

  1. Cafe Marochino

(cocoa powder, milk, crema, single espresso)

  1. Cappuccino

(milk foam, steamed milk, crema, double espresso)

  1. Cafe Latte

(steamed milk, crema, double espresso)                  

With A Twist                      

  1. Cafe Con Miel

(2 brand spice, steamed milk, crema, single espresso, honey)

  1. Mazagran

(lemon juice, water, ice cubes, crema, single espresso)

  1. Dirty Chai Latte

(milk foam, steamed milk, spiced black tea, crema, single espresso)

  1. Cafe De Olla

(Cinnamon stick, water, piloncillo, crema, single espresso)

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1, Adeyemi Bero Crescent, Ilupeju industrial Estate, Off Anthony/Oshodi Expressway

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