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Ideal for:

  • Casual Dining
  • Work Break Meals
  • Date Nights
  • Small-Scale Birthday
  • Friends Hangout
  • Night Parties



  • Premises
  • Street


1.La mango Caesar salad

(spicy grilled chicken strips on romaine lettuce, with sliced egg, cucumber, crispy bread with a special cream dressing)

2.Gourment salad

(Sliced egg, cucumber, tomato, grated carrot & seasoned crispy bread on romaine lettuce with salad cream)

3.Tuna salad

(Lettuce, sliced boiled potatoes, tuna, green beans, tomato, green pepper, sliced boiled eggs & a creamy French dressing)


(A Lebanese salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, green pepper, olive oil dressing & crispy bread)



1.Tom yam goong

(Spicy thai clear soup made with lemon grass, mushroom, kaffir leaves & ginger)

2.Sweet corn soup

(Sweet corn, mixed vegetable & chunks of chicken in a spicy oriental broth)



1.Garlic bread

(Soft baguette roasted with garlic & herb butter)

2.Spicy tomato bruschetta

(Fresh tomato, peppers & onion on sliced baguette)


(Smashed chickpeas, olive oil & red pepper served with Arabic bread)

4.Special hummus

(Smashed chickpeas, olive oil & pepper served with Arabic bread)

5.Spring rolls

(Chicken/veg spring rolls served with soy chilli)


(Meat samosas served with chilli sauce)

7.Chicken & mushroom bruschetta

(Grilled chicken, mushroom & sweet onion on sliced baguette)

8.Shrimp cocktail

(Cooked shelled prawns on a bed of lettuce with sliced egg & thousand island dressing)

9.Fried mozzarella

(Hand pulled mozzarella in a herb crumb, deep fried & served with sp)




(Marinated tendensed goat meat stir fried in pepper & onions)

2.Deluxe platter

(5 spring rolls, 5 samosas, 5 chicken wings, 5 meatballs & spicy fries)

3.Chicken pizza

(mozzarella, tomato sauce & spicy chicken)

4.Mixed veg pizza

(Mozzarella, tomato, spinach green pepper, sweet corn & onions)

5.Beef suya

(Served with fresh tomato & onions)

6.Chicken suya

(Served with fresh tomato & onions)

7.Peppered snail

(Snail tenderised & fried with onions & fresh pepper)

8.SCAMPI (prawns in batter served with tartare sauce)

(Shrimps in batter served with a tartar dip)

9.Spicy sautéed meat balls

(Served in a rich & spicy tomato sauce)

10.Crispy chicken wings

(Battered wings served with garlic mayo & chilli sauce)

11.Peppery buffalo wings

(Chicken wings stir fried to perfection in a sweet & spicy sauce)

12.Yam chips

(Soft fried yam served with pepper sauce)


14.Chicken escalope



1.Club sandwich

(Chicken, ham, cheese, egg & salad in toasted sliced bread served with chips)

2.Steak & cheese sandwich

(Succulent seasoned beef, cheese & salad in toasted baguette served with chips)

3.Chicken shawarma

(Seasoned slow grilled chicken, cabbage, pepper sauce, garlic sauce)

4.Beef shawarma

(Seasoned slow grilled beef, cabbage, pepper sauce)

5.Deluxe shawarma

6.Mixed shawarma

(seasoned slow grilled chicken & beef, cabbage, pepper sauce, garlic sauce)

7.Fillet steak

(marinated beef slice sautéed, onion, pepper, tomato with special sauce)

8.SPC Sandwich

(Sizzling steak strips, stir fried bell peppers & cheese, served with chips)



(all burgers are made with salad & served with chips, coleslaw & tomato sauce)

1.Spicy chicken burger

(Spicy chicken fillet in breadcrumbs with pickles in a toasted bun)

2.LM Barbecue bacon cheese burger

3.Double dmx

(two beef patties, cheese & a fried egg in a toasted bun)

4.Catfish burger

(Catfish fillet in breadcrumbs & pepper sauce in a toasted bun)

5.Crunchy beef burger

(Succulent beef patty inn crunchy chilli peppercorn breadcrumbs, lettuce, pickle, tomato & cheddar cheese)

6.The Hit man

(Juicy, spicy breaded chicken fillet with onion rings, salad & our special sauce)



1.Spaghetti & meatballs

(Tender meatballs with spaghetti cooked in a rich sauce)

2.Spicy chicken spaghetti

(Grilled ¼ chicken in a spicy tomato & vegetable sauce on spaghetti)

3.Penne pesto

(penne pasta cooked in a pesto sauce topped with grilled chicken)

4.Italian vegetable penne pasta with sautéed prawns

5.Italian prawn pasta

(penne pasta cooked Italian style with vegetable topped with sautéed prawns)



1.Lamango special grilled chicken with fried rice

(succulent chicken uniquely seasoned with rich spices served with a fried rice)

2.Grilled chicken with chips

(Succulent chicken uniquely seasoned with rich spices served with a fried rice)

3.Baked chicken in breadcrumbs

(Stuffed with sautéed mushrooms and cheese served with chips)

4.Oriental chicken sauce

(With vegetables served with basmati rice)

5.Chunky chicken Chinese fried rice

(served with red pepper)

6.Chicken curry with vegetable & boiled eggs


(stir fried chicken with basil sauce)



1.La mango roast beef & sautéed potatoes

(with sautéed potatoes & seasonal vegetables served with spicy gravy)

2.Peppered steak with chips

(with a mushroom & cream sauce served with chips)

3.Shredded beef Chinese fried rice

(with red pepper sauce)

4.Thin beef curry

(spicy red curry made with coconut milk served with white rice)



1.Jumbo catfish nuggets

(seasoned boneless catfish fillets in batter served with chips or fried rice & coleslaw)

2.Grilled jumbo prawns

(marinated grilled tiger prawns with a spicy cream sauce, basmati rice & sautéed vegetables)

3.Grilled spicy catfish

(whole catfish seasoned & grilled to perfection served with our signature suateed potatoes & seasoned vegetables)

4.English fish & chips

(Seasoned croaker fish fillet in crunchy batter served with chips, tomato sauce & coleslaw)

5.Battered prawns

(with chips, coleslaw and pepper sauce)

6.Fresh grilled fish & chips

(whole croaker fish seasoned & grilled served with chips & red pepper sauce)

7.Stir fried sea food

(Prawns, fish & calamari sautéed in a spicy sauce with green pepper, cabbage, carrot & onion, served with basmati rice or chips)

8.Pan fried catfish fillet with a garlic sauce

(served with seasonal vegetables & fried rice)

9.Mororan catfish fillet

(boneless catfish fillet cooked in a special sesame sauce served with yellow rice & seasonal vegetables)

10.Croaker a la macedounne

(marinated grilled whole croaker fish covered with a tomato & mixed vegetable sauce)

11.Garlic catfish



1.Catfish pepper soup

(famous for its flavour, a rich broth made with fish stock, garlic, fresh pepper, onions & pepper soup spices)

2.Chicken pepper soup

3.Croaker fish pepper soup

4.Goat meat pepper soup

(Traditional Nigerian broth made with pepper soup spices & goat meat)

5.Party plate

(Peppered chicken with jollof rice, plantain & coleslaw)

6.Grilled pepper chicken

(with fried plantain & egg sauce)

7.Chicken stew

(with rice & plantain)

8.Okro soup

(with poundo yam, eba, wheat or semovita)

9.Oha soup

(with poundo yam, eba, wheat or semovita)

10.Efor riro soup

(served with poundo yam, eba, wheat or semovita)

11.Egusi soup

(served with poundo yam, eba, wheat or semovita)



1.Kaeng phed koong

(a marvelous coconut milk fiery curry with a choice of prawns or chicken cooked till tender & succulent)

2.Panaeng koong

(Stir fried in creamy red curry paste with kafir & sweet basil leaves with a choice of prawn/chicken/lamb)

3.Kaeng kiew wann koong

(Thai green curry with basil leaves & coconut cream with a choice of prawn/chicken/vegetarian)



1.Phad phong karee koong

(Stir fried prawns, chicken or lamb & vegetable in a creamy yellow curry sauce)



1.Kaho ob suparo koong

(Pineapple baked fried rice served in pineapple shell with cashew nut & choice of prawn/chicken/vegetarian)

2.Phad thai koong

(Traditional famous stir fried thai noodle with a choice of prawn/chicken/vegetarian)

3.Steamed basmati rice

(slices yam plantain, jollof fried rice)

4.Egg fried rice



1.Cake of the day

2.Ice cream (2 scoop)

3.Ice cream with caramelised nuts



(Fanta, sprite, grenadine, angostaura bitters, lime, cucumber)


(Coconut cream milk pineapple juice, grenadine syrup)

3.Long island

(Rum, vodka, gin, tequila, triple sec, coke)

4.Miami ice

(Vodka, rum, gin, blue curacao, lime soda, peach schnapps)

5.Eden punch

(Rum, peach schnapps, blue curacao, orange juice, lemon lime soda)

6.Mango mai tai

(dark rum, light rum, orange juice, lime, mango syrup, grenadine)

7.Frisky whiskey

(whiskey, peach schnapps, triple sec, lemon juice, tonic water, syrup, grenadine)

8.Red sangria

(Red wine, brandy, orange juice, fruit)

9.Tropical sangria

(white wine, peach schnapps, citrus vodka, tropical juice, lemon lime soda, fruit syrup)


(Coconut rum, barcadi, coconut cream, pineapple juice)

11.Sunset safari

(amarula, tia maria, vodka, orange juice)


(Cointreau, tia maria, baileys irish cream, amaretto, vodka)


(tequila, triple sec, lime juice)


(Citrus vodka, lime juice, cranberry juice, Cointreau)

15.Sex on the beach

(Vodka, cranberry juice, peach schnapps, orange juice)

16.Sangria pitcher

(jug of sangria red a tropical serve 4/5)


(Baileys, tia maria & Cointreau)

18.Sweet & sexy

(barcadi, peach schnapps, orange juice & grenadine)


(Vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, lime juice)

20.Classic margarita

(tequila, triple sec, lime juice)


(Rum, brown sugar, mint leaves, soda water, lime)



1.Mapu red

2.Mapu white

3.Mapu rose

4.Drostdy hof (big)

5.Drostdy hof (small)

6.Carlo rossi red

7.Carlo rossi white

8.Escudo rojo white

9.Escudo rojo red

10.Carlo rossi rose






16.Veleta fruit wine

17.Eclat vigno




1.Moet rose

2.Moet brut

3.Moet imperial

4.Laurent Perrier brut

5.Martini rose

6.Andre rose

7.Andre brut

8.J.C Le roux



1.Hennessy vsop

2.Remy martins vsop


4.Hennessy vs

5.Hennessy small

6.St Remy vsop

7.Bisquit cognac vs

8.Bisquit cognac vsop



1.Black label (big)

2.Black label (small)

3.Red label

4.Jack Daniels (big)

5.Jack Daniels (small)

6.Chivas regar (12)

7.Chivas regar (18)

8.Martell vsop


10.Martell caractere


12.Gold reserve



1.Grey goose

2.Ciroc (original & flavours)

3.Absolut vodka

(original & flavours)

4.Smirnoff blue

5.Smirnoff red

6.Sky vodka

7.Cramberry vodka

8.Tia maria

9.Tripple sec

10.Peach schnapps




1.Olmeca white

2.Olmeca gold



1.Malibu coconut rum

2.Barcadi white

3.Barcadi gold

4.Barcadi oakheart



1.Baileys (big)

2.Baileys (medium)

3.Baileys (small)

4.Amarula (big)

5.Amarula (small)


7.Peach schnapps



10.Tia maria

11.Martini russo

12.Martini bianco



1.Gordon’s gin.



1.Tea (pot)

2.Herbal tea (pot)

3.Instant coffee

4.Filter coffee (single)

5.Filter coffee (large)

6.Hot chocolate (single)

7.Glass of cranberry



1.Power horse







(apple, mint, grape, grape & mint)


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