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Ideal for:

  • First Date
  • Casual Dining
  • Work Break Meals
  • Date Nights
  • Small-Scale Birthday
  • Friends Hangout



  • Street


1.Peppered snail or gizzard or goatmeat

(Large snails, gizzard, cut & sautéed in a red pepper sauce)

2.Sao café battered prawns

(Served with our special house dip)

3.Spicy calamari strips

(Made with a house marinara served with greens)

4.Spicy chicken wings

(Fried chicken wings sautéed in bell peppers & sweet onions)


(Spicy stewed diced pieces of goat meat)

6.The sao café platter

(Chicken wings, gizzard, spring rolls, samosa & fries enough for 10 persons)



1.Sao butternut soup

(Served with a sweet bun)

2.Leek & potato soup

(black pepper, carrots, leeks & potato)

3.Fresh fish/ Goat meat pepper soup

(A local delicacy made with just the right heart)

4.Grilled chicken Caesar salad

(Grilled chicken, yellow pepper, eggs, lettuce, parmesan cheese & rocket leaves)

5.Tilapia salad

(Tilapia fish, spinach, tomatoes, cilantro & a little bit of fat free balsamic dressing)

6.Ham & egg salad

(Crispy salad greens, ham, boiled, eggs & olive oil; served with balsamic vinegar)


BURGERS & SANDWICHES (Served with fries)

1.Sao club sandwich

(With lettuce, eggs, ham & bacon)

2.Chicken, sausage & cheese panini

(Roasted chicken, sausage, mozzarella & red bell peppers)

3.Sao tuna melt

(Tuna, black pepper, cheese & lettuce)

4.Blt sandwich

(The traditional bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich on toasted bread)

5.Classic beef burger

(With beef patties made in house)

6.Classic cheese burger

(Specially made beef patties, topped with cheddar cheese)

7.Sao café chicken burger

(Grilled chicken breast with tomatoes, avocado & cheese)



1.Sao pasta fiesta

(Specially made pasta with mixed vegetables; served with chicken, fish or gizzard)

2.Spaghetti Bolognese

(Sliced smoke bacon, celery, oregano)



(Served with steamed vegetables, French fries/ yam chips or rice)

1.The sao grilled chicken

(Served with your choice of side)

2.Grilled tiger prawns

(Marinated in suya spices & served with your choice of side)

3.Sao café asaro

(Tender white yam pottage coked with herbs in a rich broth)

4.Ofada stew

(Fried beef in a spicy locust bean sauce, served with white rice)

5.Coco beans

(Honey beans cooked in a coconut sauce)


(A local eastern delicacy made with goat head & seasoned with utazi leaves & eburu seeds)


(Tenderized cow leg cut into sizeable pieces, slow cooked to perfection & seasoned with potash)

8.Sao chef’s special

(A whole grilled croaker fish)

9.Crunchy garlic chicken

(Chicken breast seasoned with garlic, lemon & parsley)

10.Grilled lamb chops with chunky salsa

(Fresh red chilli, tomatoes, bell peppers & basil)


1.The French kiss

(A soft mysterious blend of gin, simply syrup, cucumber & sprite)

2.Rum runner

(Coconut rum & blackberry, brandy shaken with cranberry, pineapple & orange juice)

3.Raspberry kiss

(Raspberry liqueur, chocolate liqueur and cream blended to perfection)

4.Mrs sparkles

(Apple schnapps & lemonade)

5.Tropical orgasm

(Mix of white rum, vodka, & fresh pineapple brought together with cranberry juice & grenadine)


(Scotch whiskey & amaretto served on the rocks)


(The Spanish wine & fruit classic)

8.Black or white Russian

(Vodka, coffee liqueur & cream)

9.Long island ice tea


(Rum, muddled mint & syrup topped with soda)

11.Whiskey sour


(Vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry & lime juice served cool)

13.Pink lady

(Gin, grenadine, light cream, splash of lemon juice, egg white & sugar)

14.Pina colada

(White rum, coconut cream & pineapple juice)

15.Daiquiri (Strawberry, mango or classic)

(Rum & Strawberry liqueur shaken with lime juice & strawberries)


(The tequila classic famous for its sour salty taste)

17.Tequila sunrise

(Tequila, orange juice & grenadine over ice)


(Vodka & orange juice)

19.The sao café special

20.Mai thai

(Dark rum, light rum, pineapple juice, orange juice & grenadine)

21.Tour Collins

(Gin stirred into lemon juice & syrup topped with soda water)



1.Virgin colada

(A mix of coconut cream & pineapple juice)

2.Body slam

(A blend of oranges, mango, banana & apple)

3.Lady boy

(Mango, ginger & apple)


(Frozen strawberries, pineapple & banana blended together for a sweet thirst quenching, fresh experience)




1.Martini dry




(Shots, Bottle)


2.Gordon’s gin

3.Bombay sapphire



1.House bottle

2.Patron silver

3.Patron xo café


1.Moet & chandon

(Brut btl, Rose nectar, Rose imperial)

2.Verve cliquot

(Brut, Rose)

3.Laurent perriere rose

(Demisec, Rose)



(Shots, Bottle)






1.Hennessy vs

(Shots, Bottle)

2.Hennessy xo/ JD blue label

(Shots, Bottle)

3.Hennessy vsop

(Shots, Bottle)

4.Black Label, Jameson, Jack Daniel

(Shots, Bottle)

5.Remy martin vsop

(Shots, Bottle)

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