Lekki Phase I, Lagos, Nigeria
Monday 12:30pm – 12am Tuesday 12:30pm– 12am Wednesday 12:30pm – 12am Thursday 12:30pm –12am Friday 12:30pm – 12am Saturday 12:30pm – 12am Sunday 12:30pm – 12am

Ideal for:

  • First Date
  • Casual Dining
  • Work-Break Meals


  • Premises
  • Street

Set Menu

  1. Sushi Set

(salmon/salmon phily/tuna/hamachi/shrimp/crab)

  1. Sashimi Set


  1. Non Fish Set

(avocado hosomaki/philly hosomaki/mango hosomaki/cucumber hosomaki/carrot hosomaki/sesame naked phily)

  1. Royal Set

(sesame California/tobiko California/tobiko naked salmon/tobiko crazy/crazy crispy/crispy crazy salmon)

  1. Salmon Lover Set

(salmon phily sushi/salmon sashimi/spicy salmon hosomaki/tobiko naked salmon/crispy crazy salmon/smoked salmon/salmon avo)

  1. Chef Picks Set

(tempura maki/smoksal/crispy tempura/fusion/spicy tuna roll)

  1. Sushiholic Special Set

(sweet duo/shrimp jalapeno/tartar ebi/spicy salmon roll/manhattan/lekki peninsula)

  1. Super Eagles Set

(salmon philly sushi/hamachi sushi/avocado hosomaki/sesame California/tobiko snowy/tobiko naked salmon/tobiko Philadelphia/tobiko crazy/crispy spicy shrimp/crispy skinny/sweet duo)

  1. Naijaholic Set

(salmon sushi/tuna sushi/Hamachi sushi/shrimp sushi/crab sushi/shrimp sashimi/crab sashimi/spicy salmon hosomaki/sesame crazy California/sesame spicy salmon/crispy crazy salmon/crispy crazy shrimp/crispy tuna/crispy philly/fusion/salmon avo/tartar ebi/selfie maki/manhattan/crispy avo)


  1. California

(crab, avocado, cucumber)

  1. Crazy California

(crab, avocado, cucumber, topping, kani)

  1. Spicy Salmon

(salmon, avocado, togarashi)

  1. Naked Philly

(cucumber, Philadelphia)


  1. California

(crab, avocado, cucumber)

  1. Naked Salmon

(salmon, avocado)

  1. Snowy

(salmon, mango)

  1. Philadelphia

(salmon, avocado, phily cheese)

  1. Volcano

(salmon, tuna, Hamachi, shrimp, mayo togarashi)

  1. Crazy

(kani, topping, kani)


  1. Crispy California

(crab, avocado, cucumber)

  1. Crazy Crispy

(kani, toppin, kani)

  1. Spicy Salmon

(salmon, avocado, togorashi)

  1. Crazy Salmon

(salmon, avocado, topping, spicy salmon)

  1. Crispy Philly

(salmon, avocado, philly cheese)

  1. Crispy Skinny

(salmon skin, avocado, teriyaki sauce)

  1. Spicy Shrimp

(shrimp, avocado, togarashi)

  1. Crazy Shrimp

(shrimp, avocado, topping, spicy shrimp)

  1. Crispy Tuna

(tuna, avocado)

  1. Crispy Tempura

(shrimp tempura, avocado, teriyaki sauce)

Special Uramaki

  1. Chayo

(salmon, crab, tobiko, wrap, mango)

  1. Illusion

(salmon, avocado, phily cheese, topping, shrimp, tobiko and wafu sauce)

  1. Manhatan

(salmon, avocado, wrap, chopped salmon and parsley)

  1. Smoked Salmon

(shredded crab, avocado, wrap; smoked salmon and lemon juice)

  1. Spicy Salmon

(salmon, crab, avocado, wrap; salmon tartar)

  1. Lekki Peninsula

(smoked salmon, philly cheese, avocado, lemon, wrap; smoked salmon)

  1. Sweet Duo

(crazy, avocado, shrimp, wrap; salmon, topping; salmon, mango and sweet sauce)

  1. Crispy Avo

(avocado, crab, salmon, phily, cheese, wrap: crab and avocado)

  1. Spicy Salmon Roll

(salmon, mayo togarashi, wrap: togarashi)

  1. Spicy Tuna Roll

(tuna, mayo togarashi, wrap: togarashi)

  1. Shrimp Jalapeno

(tuna, mayo togarashi, tobiko, wrap: crispy, topping: shrimp and Jalapeno)

  1. Salmon Skin

(teriyaki salmon, salmon skin, wrap: avocado)

  1. Selfie Maki

(salmon, shrimp, crab, wrap: avocado, topping: crazy and teriyaki sauce)

  1. Salmon Avo

(salmon, phily cheese, avocado, wrap: salmon and avocado)

  1. Fusion

(shrimp tartar, crispy, wrap: mango and tuna)

  1. Tartar Ebi

(shredded crab, avocado, wrap: shrimp tartar)

  1. Smoksal

(smoked salmon, philly cheese, avocado, cucumber, lemon, wrap: dill)

  1. Edamame

(salmon, avocado, wrap: Hamachi, tobiko and edamame)

  1. Crab Sensation

(kani, cucumber, wrap: shredded crab)

  1. Salmon Garden

(salmon, avocado, cucumber, crispy, lettuce, mayo togarashi, topping: seaweed)

  1. Tempura Maki

(shrimp, crab, avocado, tobiko, wrap: fried seaweed)

  1. Oceans Tempura Maki

(salmon, lemon, juice, togarashi, tobiko, spring onion, wrap: fried seaweed)

  1. Sake

(eel, avocado, wrap: spicy volcano, topping: green tobiko and tartar sauce)

  1. Green Lotus

(salmon, crispy, mayo togarashi, wrap: avocado, topping: tobiko & sesame)

  1. Paradise

(eel, mango, avocado, wrap; mango, topping: spicy salmon)






  1. Queen Set

(salmon, tuna, Hamachi, shrimp, crab, wrap: tobiko and crispy, topping: spring onion, with teriyaki and wafu sauce)

  1. Salmon Addict

(marinated salmon, wrap: crispy, toppin, salmon)

  1. Dynamite Shrimp

(dynamite shrimps, topping: dynamite shrimps and spring onion)

  1. Mango Dragon

(breaded shrimps, wrap: mango, topping: black sesame with teriyaki and wafu sauce)

  1. Avocado Dragon

(breaded shrimps, wrap: avocado, topping: tobiko with teriyaki and wafu sauce)

  1. Salmon Dragon

(breaded shrimps, wrap: salmon, topping: spring onion with teriyaki and wafu sauce)


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Lekki Phase I, Lagos, Nigeria

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